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Florida Shower & Bath – Palm Coast’s Premier Shower Remodeling Experts

Welcome to Florida Shower & Bath. Located in the heart of Palm Coast, our expertise in shower remodeling has transformed countless bathrooms into spa-like havens. Proudly carrying the luxurious brand of Kohler, we are dedicated to providing our Palm Beach customers with unrivaled quality and bespoke solutions tailored to their individual needs.

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Whether you’re looking to optimize a small space or are keen to indulge in a large luxury walk-in shower, we have the answer. Dive in to discover our top shower remodeling solutions for every need and desire.

Shower Remodel for Small Bathrooms

It’s a misconception that small bathrooms can’t be luxurious. Using Kohler products, we specialize in creating sleek, functional, and beautiful designs that make the most of limited spaces. Expect sliding glass doors, inset shelves for storage, and strategically placed fixtures that maximize space while offering an uncluttered look. Our solutions ensure that even the coziest Palm Beach bathroom feels spacious and inviting.

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Large Walk-In Shower Remodeling

For those with a bit more room to play with, our large walk-in shower solutions are nothing short of spectacular. Picture a Palm Beach oasis with rain showerheads descending from the ceiling, multiple body sprays, and a spacious bench to relax on. Frameless glass enclosures enhance the spacious feeling while modern Kohler fixtures and fittings add a touch of elegance and style.

Shower Remodeling Solutions for Seniors

Safety doesn’t have to compromise style. Our senior-friendly shower solutions prioritize ease of access and use. Features include non-slip flooring, grab bars with stylish designs, low or no-threshold entry, and adjustable handheld showerheads. Designed with Palm Beach seniors in mind, these showers ensure that you or your loved ones can enjoy a refreshing experience with peace of mind.

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Shower Remodels Without Doors

The epitome of modern design, our doorless showers offer a seamless and open experience. Perfect for those seeking a minimalistic Palm Beach vibe, these showers eliminate barriers, giving the illusion of more space. Water containment is managed through carefully designed slopes and drains, ensuring that the water stays where it should. Combined with the pristine beauty of Kohler fittings, these designs are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

3 Key Advantages of Showers Without Doors:

  1. Seamless and Spacious Design: Doorless showers provide an unobstructed view, creating a visually open space that can make even smaller bathrooms appear larger. The seamless design also offers a clean and modern aesthetic, enhancing the overall appeal of the bathroom.
  2. Easy Accessibility and Cleaning: Without doors to maneuver around, doorless showers offer straightforward entry and exit, eliminating potential barriers. This design is particularly advantageous for individuals with mobility challenges. Additionally, the absence of door tracks and frames reduces spots where soap scum and mildew can accumulate, making cleaning simpler and quicker.
  3. Versatile Styling Options: Doorless showers can be tailored to fit various bathroom layouts and styles. Whether you’re going for a minimalistic look, a luxurious spa feel, or a natural open-concept, the absence of a door offers flexibility in design and allows for a wider range of customizations.
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Luxury Walk-In Shower Redesign

For those who want to make a statement, our luxury walk-in showers are a cut above the rest. Think of Palm Beach opulence, with large format tiles, waterfall showerheads, digital controls, mood lighting, and even integrated sound systems. These showers are the pinnacle of indulgence, where every day feels like a retreat in your own private spa.

How Much Does a Shower Remodel Cost in Palm Beach, FL?

Shower remodel costs in Palm Beach, FL, can vary widely based on several factors, including the size of the shower, the materials chosen, and the complexity of the design. On average:

  • Basic Remodels: Starting at $2,000 to $3,900, these typically involve simple updates, such as swapping out fixtures or retiling. Many remodeling companies do not offer services the small.
  • Mid-Range Remodels: Falling between $7,000 to $10,000, this range includes more extensive changes, like installing new showerheads, updating tiles, or incorporating glass enclosures.
  • Luxury Remodels: These can easily fall between $9,500 – $18,000 especially if you opt for high-end materials, digital controls, multiple showerheads, or bespoke designs.

It’s essential to note these are average costs and can fluctuate based on specific requirements, brand preferences (like opting for high-end brands such as Kohler), and labor rates in Palm Beach. For an accurate quote tailored to your needs, it’s always best to consult directly with a local contractor or remodeling specialist.

Florida Shower & Bath is dedicated to turning your bathroom dreams into reality. With the perfect blend of functionality, design, and the renowned quality of Kohler, your Palm Beach home will soon have the shower you’ve always dreamt of. Reach out to us today, and let’s start your journey to a redefined showering experience. Call 1-888-340-9002 or book an appointment below:

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